Travel assistance

The IOSH Admin team at head office are able to arrange travel for branch and group committee members to attend events at The Grange and related IOSH events in other parts of the country.

IOSH use preferred suppliers and are able to secure the most cost effective forms of travel.

To ensure that accurate travel is booked, and it is the most economical for the journey, the online Travel and Accommodation booking request – IOSH Volunteers should be completed and submitted to the IOSH Admin team. All parts of the form should be completed and options given where requested. The team will then liaise with the relevant staff/team to determine if the travel is appropriate.

Don't forget that we have a separate Travel and Subsistence Business Rule

If appropriate, the following can be arranged and pre-paid by IOSH and will be coded to the appropriate head office or branch/group budget when IOSH is invoiced:

Train Travel. This includes day travel passes around London.

Car hire. IOSH can arrange a car with a national car hire company.

Flights. IOSH are able to organise both domestic and international flights.

Hotel accommodation. Hotel accommodation can be reserved by IOSH and paid for by head office. Should this not be possible you may be asked for payment on checking out. If you are not able to pay for this and claim on an expense form, please let the IOSH Admin team know before the accommodation is booked for you. If you are attending an event at The Grange the accommodation will be booked for you at either College Court Conference Centre, the Holiday Inn Wigston (old Stage Hotel) or a local Premier Inn as we have an account with each of these.

Taxis. We can arrange local taxis, for example to and from a train station. We can also arrange taxis for greater distances, such as to and from an airport.

For further help please contact the IOSH Admin team via