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Our volunteers work closely with staff colleagues to provide services to members and non-members.

The staff teams value the input of volunteers and understand that the volunteers can provide a valuable route to reaching out to the membership, or supporting members with their learning needs. Up to 90% of the media coverage of IOSH is sourced through the volunteer networks! 

Networks Team | Communications Team | Events Team
Policy and Research Team | Presidential Team

Networks Team

This is the team that Networks volunteers engage with most regularly. Each Network is assigned a Relationship Managers, who supports the committee with developing programmes, products and activities to serve members and non-members.

  • Relationship Managers work most effectively when they are embedded into the committee, as an active part of decision making processes.
  • The Networks team ‘reflects’ the work of the volunteers back into the institution, helping to promote the networks and volunteering within IOSH and beyond.
  • The wider team provides a lot of admin support to ensure that committees are correctly represented on the systems and databases within IOSH, and supporting some of the annual processes around recruitment and budgeting.

Communications Team


  • The Media Team are instrumental in promoting the outputs of the Networks. Up to 90% of the content that IOSH puts out is sourced through our Networks.
  • Each Network is allocated a Communications Officer, to help build relationships and become the ‘go to’ reporter for the Network.
  • The Team arrange the media coverage for IOSH in external publications and in the IOSH Magazine.

Digital Marketing

  • The Digital Marketing Team manage the social media output from IOSH, and monitor the various social media presences IOSH uses, including those for the Networks.
  • As part of the Communications team, the Digital team manage all of the content on the IOSH website. This includes the microsites populated with content by the Networks.
  • The Digital Team ensure that the items on the website are current and reflect the quality of messaging given out by IOSH.


  • The Team develop and run campaigns for IOSH.
  • This involves close working with the Networks Team to promote the products through the Networks.
  • Campaigns produced include the Life Savings campaign (relating to the saving that can be made by investing in safety and health) and the No Time to Lose campaign (looking at different types of occupational cancer).
  • They can source speakers for meetings and events relating to the campaigns.

Events Team

  • The Events Team arrange and manage a wide range of events for IOSH. These include the large corporate events (IOSH Conference, Networks Conference).
  • For branch and group networking events the Events team work with the relevant committees following set criteria.
  • The Events Team manage webinars that are run by IOSH and by the Networks.
  • They have access to information on venues and speakers and regularly work with a wide range of Networks to produce successful and high quality products.

Policy and Research Team

  • The Policy and Research Team lead our work on industry wide consultations and thought leadership.
  • They regularly request support from the members of the Networks and from committees to support or promote a message.
  • Group Network Committees are increasingly working with the Policy and Research Team to develop products and messages that are industry leading.
  • They also research and produce the successful IOSH guides, free resources to help business address particular OSH issues.

Presidential Team

  • The Presidential Team are a group of volunteers who act as the figureheads for the institution.
  • They represent IOSH at external events and conferences, but they also attend Network meetings to speak about developments at IOSH.
  • The Presidential Team is made up of the Immediate Past President, the current President and the President Elect. They are supported by 6 Vice Presidents based around the world.
  • The Presidential Team is supported through the Corporate Services Team at head office.

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