What is a branch?

Our branches represent IOSH in local communities worldwide. Every branch is supported by a group of member volunteers (the committee) who plan a variety of activities such as seminars, workshops and site visits.

Branches also help to raise awareness of safety and health issues in their local area by welcoming non-members to their free meetings and getting involved in local initiatives. There are a number of branches across the UK and internationally. As an IOSH member, you can attend meetings at any branch.

Branches and districts 

Some branches have districts and sections associated with them. A district is a smaller regional part of a branch. Districts are run in a similar way to branches: managed by a committee that plans a schedule of meetings and events. Sections also have their own committees, which consist of members of a branch who are associated with a specific industry sector. Sections often have links with the group representing that industry sector. For example, the Construction Section of a branch will invariably have links with the Construction Group. A branch is ultimately responsible for any districts and sections associated with it.

The benefits of being in a branch are:

  • the opportunity to attend free or low-cost branch meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars and site visits, all of which provide valuable networking opportunities
  • the chance to promote safety and health in your local area, personal development, including building and maintaining your professional status

The purpose of a branch, district or section is to serve local members and further IOSH’s aims and objectives by:

  • providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and other learning opportunities, as well as local support to members
  • providing members and non-members with networking opportunities
  • retaining existing IOSH members by offering local services and addressing local demand
  • engaging with local communities and businesses, raising the profile of safety and health and IOSH
  • recruiting new members
  • engaging with branch members, and increasing attendance and involvement of members in branch activity through face-to-face networking and e-communications
  • linking with groups, as well as other branches and districts in organising joint activities
  • supporting the IOSH corporate strategy, WORK 2022
  • supporting and reflecting the IOSH brand, delivering high quality and professional outputs
  • mediating two-way communication between members and IOSH head office

Branch committees should aim to incorporate a variety of member activities into their annual programmes to benefit members, and conduct member surveys when appropriate to gauge members’ needs and obtain feedback. Committees also need to keep members regularly informed about branch activity using the branch microsite, Connect and Committee Mailer.  

Sections and districts report directly to the committee of their corresponding branch. The branch committee needs to approve and monitor all section and district planning, funding requirements and activity.

For the rules applicable to branches, please see Regulation 15.

For information on how to set up a new branch, please read the guidance on establishing a new branch or district. The process of setting up a new branch begins with the submission of a Branch application form.

[v2 - September 2017]