Your Relationship Manager

The Relationship Manager (RM) works with the committee, providing advice, guidance and support and helping to ‘make things happen’ for the members of the Network.

The role is vital to the effective functioning of the committee and in ensuring the activities planned by the committee meet the IOSH strategy, are appropriately funded and are a success.

The term Relationship Manager includes the roles of those supporting the whole branch network, all groups and that of the Development Manager..

Successful committees include their RM as an equal partner within the committee, creating space for best practice and ideas sharing, and listening to the advice and guidance they are given.

Each RM works with a number of different committees and Networks. The RMs hold regular team meetings where they share successes and areas for learning. This creates opportunity for committees to indirectly learn from each other, incrementally improving the product and offer of all committees.

The Networks team works very closely with the other teams in IOSH, supporting the committees with advice around Policy, Marketing, Events and Commercial activities.

If you have any queries or need support with any aspect of your committee or volunteering your RM is your first port of call.

[v2 - May 2017]