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Welcome to the Chiltern Branch.

Our meetings are a great way to meet fellow practitioners in a wide range of roles, learn new things and keep your CPD current. Our aim in the coming year is to reach out to our local community and businesses providing mutual support with a focus on the positive side of OSH and benefits which can come from sharing best practices and good ideas. At the start of each calendar year we send out a survey to find out what you want from your branch and it is from this we decide on the programme of events.

All sessions are practical and discussion based so there will be plenty of time to share your experiences and the lighter side of your responsibilities as well as talk about the serious stuff. Our 2017/18 programme is geared toward helping members identify and achieve their personal professional goals and build strong strategic partnerships through positive collaboration in line with IOSH WORK 2022.

To this end we equally welcome non-members so if you have a colleague or contact interested in attending an event please extend an open invitation. Our branch meetings are run by enthusiastic volunteers and we have big ambitions for what we can achieve and give back into the future. If you would like to help us and can offer us some time there are always openings on the committee for people who like to get things done.

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Warm regards,

Louise Hosking
Chiltern Chair

Networks team

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