Branch AGMs

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a statutory meeting of the branch, district or section where members are elected to the committee.

'An effectively run membership charity is only possible when members use their voting rights in the best interests of the charity.'
  Charity Commission – RS7 – Membership Charities (March 2004)

Branch AGMs are covered by Regulation 15 of the constitution.

The AGM is usually held between March and May (no later than 2 months into the financial year), with the new committee in place by June/July.

Planning is an important part of the AGM process and a timeline has been produced to help committees know when to begin the process. 

Committee members need to follow the terms of office set out in Regulation 15 to help keep the committees fresh and create aspirational opportunity for members to play a role on the committee and further support the aims of the Institution.

District and section elections must be completed before the elections of the branch take place, as districts and sections need to be represented on the branch, at either principal officer or committee member level. 

Being nominated
A member who wishes to stand for election (a nominee) must be in ‘good standing’ with the organisation. This means they must have paid their subscription and have kept their CPD portfolio up to date. Nominees need a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must be members in good standing.

Ideally, nominations will be received well in advance of the AGM, allowing nominees to put a profile on the branch web-pages and to publicise their ‘campaign’ within the membership. However, nominations can be received up until the day of the AGM (at the discretion of the existing Chair) if there are insufficient nominees for all available posts.

The electorate
Only IOSH members in good standing can vote in annual general meeting elections. All members attending the AGM are recorded and random good standing checks are undertaken. Each member can vote once for each committee position being contested.

Election results
Committee members are often decided on the day of the AGM (this may be slightly different for our International AGMs). It is the responsibility of the branch secretary to inform IOSH head office of the new and outgoing committee members in a timely manner (no more than two weeks after the election). New committee members will receive an induction specific to the role they have taken on. This will be supported by the Regional Manager.

The committee election process
The above process shows how a member can stand for election and the subsequent steps.

It's very easy to volunteer for your committee.

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