Managing a microsite

A microsite is a group of pages on the main IOSH website that represents your network, its location and its activities. It's important that you keep your microsite up to date and that anyone visiting it can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

We use templates to keep your microsite up to date. By using a template you can be sure that you’ve filled in all the information that is needed by the reader. This also helps us provide the best service we can do to you and keep within our Service Level Agreement.

For adding news and articles. News items will appear in the next published edition of Connect. Articles will only appear in your Articles section (if you have one). If you want this in Connect you must stipulate that it’s a news item when you send it to the web team. You can use the News and articles template for PCs or the News and articles template for Macs to do this.

For adding events or meetings. If you'd like to see your network event or meeting publicising, we'll try our best to put it onto the website. You can use the Events template for PCs or the Events template for Macs to do this.

For updating existing content. To update existing pages on your microsite, such as your Committee page, or to add a page to your microsite that's not news, an article or an event, there's a template for this. You can use the Content update template for PCs or the Content update template for Macs to do this.

Once you’ve completed a template, email it to the Web team along with any additional documents.We'll look at it as soon as we can. 

[v1.1 - March 2016]