Extending IOSH's influence

Public Affairs is a great way to get our voice heard in the corridors of power.

IOSH highlights the valuable role played by health and safety professionals to governments and inter-governmental organisations across the world.

IOSH is entirely apolitical and seeks constructive relationships across the political spectrum. We discuss key issues affecting health and safety and our members with politicians, researchers, policy-makers, standard-setters, regulators, international agencies and government departments.

Supporting relevant national and international initiatives, our Policy and Public Affairs team promotes IOSH positions and campaigns, working with media and stakeholders, organising roundtables, workshops and receptions, providing specialist briefings and sharing information through professional networks worldwide.

If you’re interested in involving politicians, policy-makers or regulators in your projects or events, please contact your Relationship Manager, who will put you in touch with the IOSH Policy and Public Affairs team.

[v2 - October 2017]