Using Committee Mailer

Using Committee Mailer, your committee can create and send email messages to all members of your Network. This is a great way to keep your members informed of the latest developments in your Branch, Group or District.

What should I use Committee Mailer for?

Committee Mailer messages can be used to talk about:

  • AGM information, such as when nominations will open
  • Chair’s messages – this could be a round-up of the Network’s latest activities
  • Event messages – to let members know about an upcoming event, or to let them know that an event has changed speaker, venue…
  • Speaker requests – you may want to ask your members if any of them would be happy to present at a branch meeting
  • Surveys – the committee can organise a survey for their members through their Relationship Manager, which can be sent out to the members through a Committee Mailer message
  • Web page promotion – this could be to encourage your members to visit your microsite when you have uploaded a news item or presentation from an event.

Other types of message, such as information about IOSH corporate events or changes at head office, will be sent through an e-shot. E-shots can also be requested if Committee Mailer is unavailable. Please speak to your Relationship Manager about booking an e-shot.

Writing Committee Mailer messages

We have created a new guide for creating an effective committee mailer, including tips on content, subject lines and avoiding the spam filter.

Committee mailer - a good practice guide (PDF, 795KB)

Committee Mailer guidelines

Messages submitted are subject to approval against the guidance checklist shown in our policy guidelines. All approved messages will be scheduled for sending according to the stated Service Level Agreement. These are covered in our overview of Committee Mailer.

Each branch, district and group is limited to sending 2 messages per Network per calendar week. This is to make sure we don’t put our members off by getting in touch with them too often.

It's very easy to create a new message with Committee Mailer – our user guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

What the next step is.

You’ve sent a message out for a reason. You will normally want the reader to do something, for example attend an event or ask for more information. Make it really clear how you want your reader to take the ‘next step’.

Simple calls to action work best. Only put one call to action in the message, although you can offer different ways of doing it. For example, ‘Book your place today – call 01234 56789 – or email’ is a good call to action. The reader knows what to do, how to do it and what they will expect when they do it.

[v2 – September 2017]