Requesting e-shots

It’s important that bulk email communications are used as part of a planned series of communications. They are not fixes for poor planning. They can however be a very useful way of letting members know about an event that you have organised.

An e-shot is an electronic member communication that is used either as part of an event communication plan, or when sending a Committee Mailer message wouldn’t be appropriate.

What content can we send?
Most of the messages that you will send to your members will go through the Committee Mailer tool. E-shots will generally be used:

  • To advertise IOSH corporate events
  • For IOSH messages, such as the launch of a new campaign, or the appointment of a new Chief Executive
  • To advertise standing committee vacancies, such as the Nominations Committee
  • For IOSH joint event notices
  • For bulk messages to more than one Network
  • As a backup if Committee Mailer stops working
  • For event-specific emails, such as cancellations, changes of venue, or ‘last chance to book’ emails, when you haven’t had a good response using Committee Mailer.

What do I need to do to create an e-shot?
All e-shots need to be agreed with your Relationship Manager, who will book them for you with the Communications team.

You’ll need to pull together copy for the email which your Relationship Manager will supply to the Communications team at least 5 working days before the send date. A test e-shot will be sent to two specified recipients for approval. Once the test e-shot is sent, we can no longer make big changes to the content. Please note, the Communications team have the right to edit your message if it’s seen as necessary.

[v3 – September 2017]