Developing a budget

Each financial year IOSH branches, districts, sections and groups are provided with funding for their planned activities.

The IOSH financial year runs from 01 April to 31 March, however the process for completing and submitting budgets, which reflect planned activities for the forthcoming financial year, begins during August / September.

The processes for requesting funds are detailed separately in an overview of branch funding and in an overview of group funding.

For groups their expenditure is processed via head office as their committees do not have bank accounts or Treasurers. Most branches have bank accounts and are responsible for managing their own funds, and often those of any districts and sections associated with them.

Where branch bank accounts are in operation it is the responsibility of the branch to keep them in order especially as there is no overdraft facility so the account must always stay in credit. If this is likely to cause an issue, additional funds can be obtained and your Relationship Manager will be able to assist with this.

For branches with a bank account we can set up online banking via NATWEST Bankline which allows branches to monitor accounts, view statements, raise and approve payments, etc. Your Relationship Manager will be able to liaise with the Accounts department at head office to put this in place.

Should you require assistance with any matters of a financial nature please speak to your Relationship Manager who will liaise with the Accounts department. Treasurer training and support is available, which includes support with online banking, financial record keeping and year-end reporting, all of which new Treasurers find particularly useful.

IOSH has a travel and expenses policy which is detailed in another section, but in general we will reimburse all correctly approved and reasonable expenses incurred by representatives of IOSH, in the course of IOSH duties. The correct claims forms should be used and approved as detailed in the policy. It is the responsibility of the claimant to ensure that the claim is correct and complete when submitted.

If you have any questions about the recent changes to Branch budgets, please read our Developing a Budget FAQs (PDF 134KB).

[v4 - June 2018]